Hypertension or high blood pressure affects about one-third of all adults and only half of the affected keep it under control. High blood pressure or hypertension is more of a lifestyle metabolic disorder that can be controlled to a great extent by making simple changes in day-to-day life. Let us discuss in detail the ways to control blood pressure without shopping at the pharmacy. 

How to control high blood pressure without medicine?

While uncontrolled hypertension mandates expert care and medical treatment, moderate spikes in BP can be kept under control with lifestyle changes. This also helps in preventing the side effects of anti-hypertensive prescribed by your family doctor. Some good ways to keep your BP under check are as follows.

1. Manage your weight:

As blood pressure is a metabolic disorder, it tends to increase as weight increases. One of the most effective lifestyle changes to control blood pressure is to manage weight. It is said that we can achieve a BP drop of 1 mm Hg, with 1 kg weight loss. You should focus on minimizing your waistline as well as more than 40 inches of waistline predisposing the individual to hypertension.

2. Focus on your plate:

It is generally said in diabetic education that eating a diet rich in whole grains, fruits, and vegetables, and cutting down on carbs keeps blood sugar levels under control. The same diet holds good for its twin sister, hypertension as well. Skipping on fatty foods can decrease blood pressure by 11mm Hg and restores a healthy body weight as well.

3. Reduce salt intake:

Minimize salt intake to enhance the health of the heart and to keep the blood pressure under control. Avoid eating a lot of processed food and also read food labels carefully to avoid disguised salt in your diet.

4. Say no to smoking and alcohol:

Cut down on caffeine, quit smoking, and limit alcohol to embrace your heart and keep your blood pressure under control. By adapting these healthy habits, you are extending your life span by many years.

5. Keep your head cool:

Chronic stress is an important predisposing factor for high blood pressure. Manage stress by practicing yoga, avoiding stress triggers, and embracing activities that help you relax. Spend time with significant people, laugh more, take a walk, and avoid conflicting situations.

Bottom Line:

As you practice these measures, also keep monitoring your blood pressure in a walk-in clinic or at home. This helps to prevent alarming red flags and keeps you motivated to follow these lifestyle changes.