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Compliance Blister Pack

Compliance/Blister Pack in Courtice

Pillwise Pharmacy is proud of all the innovative services we offer

The compliance/blister pack in Courtice choices we have supply daily, weekly or monthly labels. They also include details about how to take your medication.

These are the convenient and safe ways to take any prescribed medicines. This is the perfect way to remind our patients when and how much they need to take to get optimal health benefits.


These are the most efficient ways to administer medications at exactly the right time. They can be either heat sealed or cold sealed. A compliance/ blister pack is a package for medication doses that have clear small plastic bottles or blisters. Each one of these is secured by a foil protecting the pills until they are dispensed.

When it comes time to take one of these medications, patients only need to push the pill through the foil backing.

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Prompt Care

Pillwise Pharmacy is dedicated to providing prompt medical care for all of our patients. We are dedicated to serving the community of Courtice and the Durham region with the highest quality prescription and over-the-counter medications.

These products are an excellent idea for patients who need to take consistent medication. They provide peace of mind because every day’s medicine is labeled and separated.

Daily Medication

The blister packs prevent the risk of taking a double dose or missing your daily medication. Patients who enjoy traveling also find benefits. There is no need to feel restricted since these blister packs are easy to store and transport. They do away with pill bottles that can take up a lot of space in your traveling bags.

There are other benefits to these products. With every medication’s convenient blister pack there’s no need to worry about missing your dosage.

Blister Packs

The blister packs we supply are an important part of patient compliance. It’s important to make sure you keep up with a routine so you can enjoy the best results from your medicines.

Pillwise Pharmacy is proud to offer our valued customers this compliance/blister pack in Courtice option. They are a safe way for us to provide a convenient and reliable way for patients to take their medication. These also offer added independence and confidence for seniors. Get in touch with us today so we can supply you with more details.