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Medication Reviews

Medication Reviews in Courtice

Annual perscriptions reviews in Courtice & Surrounding Areas

Pillwise Pharmacy also offers medication reviews in Courtice as part of our thorough healthcare services. We are an independently operated and owned pharmacy that provides outstanding customer service combined with individualized healthcare.

The comprehensive medication review in Courtice that you will get with us begins when you sit down with one of our compassionate and highly trained pharmacists.
They will answer any questions you have about your current or future medicine. Pillwise Pharmacy offers comprehensive healthcare that is thorough and professional.

Medication Reviews

Along with medication reviews, we go out of our way to make sure patients get the best in healthcare including on-site prescriptions.

Our pharmacy is efficient and modern. It is staffed by friendly administration staff that is knowledgeable and licensed pharmacists.

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Get Healthy

This team is dedicated to making sure that you get healthy quickly and efficiently.

Let us go over your medications with you in these one-on-one sessions. Our pharmacists can make sure that each medication you’re taking is safe, effective, and appropriate. They will look for any adverse interactions or ill effects. An important part of any review is patient education.

Our pharmacists make sure that our patients understand how each medication works and how it should be taken.

Medication Reviews in Courtice Look For These Issues

Research tells us that Canadians spend billions of dollars on prescription drugs yearly. Making sure that you are taking appropriate medications at the right dosage is critical. This comprehensive medication review in Courtice will find and address some of the following issues.

Please keep in mind that you should bring all the medications that you are taking to your review. This includes both over-the-counter medicines and prescriptions. People who have just been discharged from the hospital and have several prescriptions to fill are prime candidates for this service.

Medication reviews in Courtice from us are specifically designed to help you understand the medicines you are taking.