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Specialty Medications

Specialty Medications in Courtice

Pillwise Pharmacy understands that it’s not always easy to stick to your medication schedule.

Pillwise Pharmacy understands that it’s not always easy when it comes to Specialty Medications. That’s why we are here to help you complete the required forms for approval and getting the medications for you on time in Courtice.

We can help you by filling out special authorization forms for private insurance and  EAP (Exceptional Access Program)  forms for Trillium Patients. Our knowledgeable staff can also help you coordinate with your specialist and insurance company during the approval process. 

These services also include ongoing medication counseling and patient reminder calls . Our pharmacists work closely with each of our customers. We design efficient processes to administer and manage these specialty medications.

Patient Support Programs

We can even help you enroll into patient support programs.  Our experienced team can help you get financial assistance for your Specialty medications. 

Our pharmacy services include delivery and dispensing of these medications. All of the prescriptions will be appropriately allocated. Each patient file is closely monitored to make sure refills get delivered ahead of your due date.

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Biosimilars in Courtice

We can also help you with the right Biosimilars in Courtice and all of Ontario.

Remember, our number one priority is your health. That’s why our pharmacy partners with you in a variety of successful treatment options. Let us help you with the right treatments for complex diseases that require extra care and what can be expensive therapies. 

We can work with you to get the very best benefits from the insurance coverage you have. We can advocate with your insurance provider as well as pharmaceutical companies and your doctors so you get outstanding treatment on time in Courtice and the surrounding areas.


Medical Prescriptions in Courtice

Covering all the bases for your medical needs means implementing the best medical prescriptions in Courtice services. These options are at the core of what our pharmacy team does. People with chronic conditions turn to our professionals to refill prescriptions and get them the medication they need. 

Our pharmacists provide direction on the dosages and how you should be taking them. Some of your medical prescriptions might require needles and injections and our professionals can show you the proper techniques.   

Don’t forget to ask about our prescription renewal services. Making sure you never miss a dose of medicine starts with renewing your prescription early. 

We can also help you get the right financial assistance depending on your family income.