It is a great start because now you are determined to be fit. It is easy to watch fitness videos and other people’s journey to success while being a couch potato and enjoying junk food. May be now you are compelled to follow a fitness regime because your family doctor is worried about your health or you have attended some diabetic education class with your friends. Whatever is your reason, here are some great steps for you to follow. 

Exercise everyday

It is very important to include some physical activity in your daily routine. It can be running, jogging, brisk walking or any high-intensity workout. You can choose it according to your convenience. What is important is to use your body muscles vigorously and sweat a lot. Try to exercise for one hour daily. You may feel the burn and pain in your body in the initial days of your exercise routine but it will diminish within a few days. Don’t forget to stay hydrated during the exercises to avoid muscle spasms.   

Eat right

Eating right foods in right manner is necessary for your fitness journey. If possible try to consume food more times than normal but keep the portion minimum. For example, you can have food six times daily instead of the normal three but consume small amount of food each time. Add more fruits and vegetables and stick to lean meats and seafood. 

Track your calorie intake

It is always good to be aware your calorie intake in each meal. If you are not able do that by yourself, visit a walk-in-clinic to get the proper guidance regarding the required calorie you body may need every day to stay fit. 

Sleep well

Getting good sleep daily is important for fitness success. Six to eight hours of sleep will help you a lot. You can take a short nap before exercise if feeling tired, but make sure that it is not more than 30 minutes. 

Strong determination

Daily visit to the pharmacy or hospital is not the way to live your life. You have to be determined to become fit to avoid health issues and live a happy and confident life.