The seniors have so much to share as they have experienced a lot. But sometimes it can be a real trouble to accompany them in a conversation. Here is the ultimate guide for a great conversation starter that will build a meaningful & positive discussion.

Ask Their Favourite Activity:-

Try to find out their favorite hobbies, or activities if any. Get to know their favorite show/ movie. Play & watch them together. You will be surprised to see the inner child in them.

Ask for their favorite fun activity or try to actively participate with them & make them aware of the availability of various types of Senior Discount Everyday to avail of the benefits.

Be a sensitive communicator:-

They become wise & accomplished with their growing wrinkles. Discussing their journey, struggle, as well as their achievements makes them feel content & joyful. Ask them about their greatest accomplishments & how they influenced their life. Also, allow them to talk about any advice they would like to pass on to the modern generation.

Discuss Their Academics:-

Some older people are very proud of academic success. They also like to discuss their fun-filled college days. Talk about how they used to do silly things with friends or how they actively participated in all college activities. Let them narrate their inspirations or any favourite personality there. Ask them about how they started to make extra money during college days by doing some part-time jobs. Watch them become nostalgic while talking about their first earnings.

Family Comes First:-

Having an elderly person in the family is life’s greatest blessing. Protecting their precious life is also your responsibility. Check for their routine screenings along with Vaccines. Also, inform them about the Free Prescription Delivery service available in their town. 

Ask them about the best family advice their parents gave them. Allow them to speak about their siblings & their whereabouts. Try to discuss their beautiful memories with siblings & if they are still in touch or not.

Talking with elder people can be fun too. Just try to pick a good discussion topic of their choice preferably & you will discover them to be very friendly & inspiring souls.