The prevalence of comorbidity in mental health has been a recurrent problem in some countries for a few years. In people with age 65 and above concurrent presence of two or more diseases has become the new norm. Comorbidity is associated with a genetic disorder. Because of its genetic risk factors, it’s more common for you to develop any of the mental illnesses if you have any family history of it. 

Diagnosis & Treatment of Comorbidity in Mental Health 

This note will explore the importance of being able to understand your mental health & encourage you to connect with your family doctor & reach out for support if needed. 

Mental Illness such as ADHD, Bipolar disorder, Schizophrenia, Suicidal behavior, and Hallucination includes a wide range of thinking, emotions, or inappropriate behavior. They are more severe & significantly affect your ability to cope with life. These disorders are caused by many reasons: 

1. Inherited factors 

2. Life stress 

3. Surrounding environment 

4. Certain health problems that affect your brain. 

The good news is all these health conditions can be managed by a positive nurturing environment. Constants studies are going on how comorbidity needs to be taken into account during diagnosis & treatment.

Potential Role of Mindful Practice 

Older adults appear to be at greater risk of physical & mental comorbidity. Every day thousands of older adults visit their nearby pharmacy to get antidepressant pills for them although the main treatment for these disorders is medicines along with talk therapy. With the seniors discounts every day, they can maximize their savings & enjoy all the benefits of being older sustaining a budget. The evidence of the effectiveness of mind-body therapies such as yoga, and meditation are also beneficial for mental health. 

Not sure if you qualify for senior discounts? Don’t hesitate to talk. It’s the time to break all social taboos & improve your own mental health.