Home blood pressure monitoring is a self-monitoring device that can measure your blood pressure in the comfort of your own home. But wait a minute, now you can get this machine in any pharmacy in Ontario. If you’re not aware of such a pharmacy, you can also try to search for it with a pharmacy near me, or by a walk-in clinic near me on google. 

Choosing the Right Home Blood Pressure Monitoring Tool 

To evaluate hypertension correctly:-

1. Always go for a verified, automatic, cuff-style bicep monitor. 

2. Make sure the cuff size fits your arm. 

3. Don’t forget about its maintenance after a certain period of use. 

How to Monitor Blood Pressure at Home 

Before start monitoring, you need to consider a few things: 

1. Make sure you are not talking while monitoring. 

2. Seat with back support & relax. 

3. Keep your arm supported at heart level.

Keep a Blood Pressure Journal Handy 

While monitoring blood pressure at home, keep records of the readings. Take at least 2 readings, one or two minutes apart. After each measurement, remember to write down the exact number that appears on the screen. 

Few Bonus Tips for You:- 

● Consult your doctor if you have questions. 

● always try to maintain the same hand & same time while monitoring. 

      ● Try not to take blood pressure when you’re stressed, have had caffeine, or have worked out recently. 

Based on the result, your doctor can decide if you need any medications or not. It is also beneficial for pregnant women & people who need close monitoring.