Having a conversation with someone you don’t know very well can be stressful. Especially if the person is elderly, it can be even more awkward. Today we are going to talk about some tips & topics which help you to break the ice & start an engaging conversation with an elderly person.

Seniors Love to Cherish their Spouse:- 

When it comes to a discussion, who better to talk about love other than seniors who lived a complete life with their spouse? Ask them about their first meeting or their wedding memories. You can also ask them to compare their wedding to modern weddings & let them share tips if they have any. You can also care for them by simply checking for their routine checkups, medications & Free Prescription Delivery services are available or not.

How they manage their Stress:-

Most elderly people love to talk about their feelings on stress management. Their physical stress can be managed by prescribed Specialty Medications. Also, make them aware of all types of Seniors Discount everyday going on to maximize their health benefits.

Handling emotional/ mental stress due to loneliness can be challenging. They need to talk. It can be reduced only by counselling & engaging in conversation. 

Open up About Modern Generation & Value their Point of View:-

Yes, there is a huge generation gap between both of you. But, despite that, try to encourage them to share their views on the modern generation. It can be a positive perspective or a negative one. Different people have different perspectives on your generation. Let’s not judge them. Listen actively to get some better insight from them.

Conversation can be a source of laughter & memory to cherish if you choose the right conversation starter for both of you. Hope you will get some ideas to start a fun-filled conversation. All the best folks.