Are you suffering from hypertension that is for too long? Or, do you end up buying tons of pills from your nearby pharmacy or wasting your precious time behind the long queue of nearby walk-in clinics? If yes, then It’s the big time to wake up & control your blood pressure naturally. Otherwise, it puts you at risk of numerous heart diseases such as stroke, blockage in heart or even kidney damage too. But the good news is you can monitor & lower it simply by changing your lifestyle. 

Here are 5 simple remedies to control high blood pressure 

Count on Calories & Carry on Healthy Diet 

Processed foods are a big ‘No’ for hypertension patients as most of the salt in your diet comes from them. Switch to Dietary Approaches of Stop Hypertension (DASH) diet that is a diet rich in fruits & vegetables, whole grains & low fat legumes are the key nutrient sources. 

Take off Extra Burden of Weight 

Hypertension increases as the weight increases. Shedding those extra weights can make a big difference to your heart health. It can help your blood vessels to perform their job well. 

Avoid Any Stress Triggers 

As unrestricted smoking increases the levels of blood pressure, you can put some effort into reducing stress levels through meditation, deep breathing, yoga or maybe by finding any hobby that makes you happy & relax.

Correlation of Caffeine & Hypertension 

The conjugation of alcohol & hypertension is highly visible when caffeine intake increases. What’s more, The combination of smoking & drinking coffee together can create serious health hazards too. 

Home-monitoring & Seeking Medical Help If Needed 

Regular consultation with your family doctor & keeping an eye on your blood pressure levels are also smart ways to control hypertension. Daily communication with a family doctor can make you aware of diabetic education & how both the illnesses are conjugated. Given you may seek support from your family or friends to improve your well being. 

Hence, all of these lifestyle measures can bring huge changes in managing your condition better at home & also lower your risk that is without medications. 

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